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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Revision Date on Drawinglist

Revit won´t let us add the current revision date to the drawing list, and since almost all my clients wants the information on the drawing list, I came up with this simple workaround.

1. Don´t use the Date field in the "Sheet Issues/Revisions" dialog, instead type the date just in front of the description.
2. Make a drawing list that displays the "Current Revision Description" field
3. Change the titleblock revision schedule to display only "Revision Number" and "Revision Description" (delete the "Revision Date" field), and add some line work, to seperate the "Date" from the "Description"

Autodesk really needs to fix this - i´m sure they intended to add this feature in version 2010, when they added the "Current Revision" and "Current Revision Description" to the drawing list fiels anyway.......

Simple, but get´s the job done :-)

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  1. OK let me check the different points, and compare with mines, because I found a incredible difference between your method and mine, well maybe this because you are a pro and I just newbie.