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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Formula to return the highest value

For the family builders, here´s a quick trick to return the highest of three values (user inputs)

We need something like the following parameters:

Length A (User input)
Length B (User input)
Length C (User input)
Calc (Only used to get our final result)
Return Length (Returns the greatest of the three length parameters)

The formulas needed goes like this:

Calc = if(Length A > Length B, Length A, Length B)

Return Length = if(Calc > Length C, Calc, Length C)

Download the sample family from HERE


While talking about this topic at the Augi Forums, Joe Zhou came up with this genius formula (The result is the same, but you won´t need the "Calc" parameter...

Return Length = if(and(or(Length A > Length B, Length A = Length B), or(Length A > Length C, Length A = Length C)), Length A, if(and(or(Length B > Length A, Length B = Length A), or(Length B > Length C, Length B = Length C)), Length B, if(and(or(Length C > Length A, Length C = Length A), or(Length C > Length B, Length C = Length B)), Length C, 0 mm)))

OK... the formula itself is a nightmare, but it WORKS !

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